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Is it True that Russian Girls Still Believe in the old Family Traditions?

Russian girls are typically more family oriented than career minded. Note: by “typically”, we mean “generally” or “a big percentage” of Russian girls – not all Russian girls. Even though, most Russian women have a high education, thus, the tools to develop a career; the majority of them prefer to find a good man to create a family with before developing a career.Beautiful Russian Girl

Most Russian girls are still firm believers that the most important thing in life is to find a reliable and faithful life partner with who they will be able to share all that life offers. The next step will be to find a decent and cozy home – even if it is an apartment. Then, having a child or two will be the next project.

By tradition, if the husband earns enough money, the wife will gladly stay at home raising children. She will await her husband with a warm and tasty meal everyday and keep a cozy house. If the husband does not earn enough, she will gladly find work and contribute to the family income – Russian women are definitely hard workers.

One of the main differences between Russian women and women from the west is that Russian women like to consider their husband as the head of the family who will be a wise and strong leader. Once they trust a man, they trust him all the way. They don’t make it a must to have their own bank account and have everything all set up to make a separation easy …which is the case in most countries of the west …and too often, leads or contributes to the separation.