Single Ukrainian Woman Vera from Nikolaev, Ukraine

Single Ukrainian Woman from Nikolaev, UkraineI am a quiet, calm and easy going person. I avoid conflicts and never argue. I believe that we should be always understanding and tolerant with other people. Men with a good sense of humor attract me very much. My family and friends are very important for me. I believe that there are some things which you cannot buy in this life – I mean health, happiness and love.

I like to keep in shape and do fitness regularly and I enjoy running. I am a great fan of soccer and I like to watch it on TV. As I am a designer of clothes, I like to make my clothes and I enjoy sewing and knitting very much. I prepare and sew everything myself! In my spare time, I enjoy reading classical books and poetry. I am fond of traveling and I hope to have the chance to see the beauty of the world one day.

I am 34 years “young” and I would to meet a kind and caring man who is between 33 and 53 years old. Please, No Games! I would like to meet a serious, loyal and family-oriented man who wants to start his own family and who wants to have children.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Bride Nataliya from Odessa, Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian Bride from Odessa, Ukraine

About my personality:
I am a responsible, serious lady with many interests. People say that I am cheerful, sociable and sincere. i can say that kindness and hearthfulness are my main qualities. I have a very kind and tender nature. I am interested in everything that is new for me and I like to learn everyday.

About my interests:
I adore family, children, nature and pets! I love to learn different literature, reading in general and going to theatres. I also like watching movies. I love to take walks along the beach. I am also interested in sport, especially swimming. I love dolphins and shows with animals – my daughter also loves shows with animals. I like cooking tasty dishes and I like new experiments as I love eating everything. I’m also interested in traveling, new emotions and impressions.

I would like to meet a man between 30 and 45 years old.
I dream about meeting a friendly, loving, caring and family man. I would like to have more children in the future. I would like to meet a man from average height to tall, not overweight who is kind, sensual, loyal, kind-hearted, self-confident, family -oriented, financially secure and who has a good sense of humor.

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Beautiful Russian Bride Tatiyana from Lugansk, Ukraine

Beautiful Russian Bride from Lugansk, Ukraine

My Personality:
My friends tell me that I am a kind, tender, loving and caring girl. I am a very sociable young woman, who has a lot of friends and who can easily communicate with people.

My Interests:
I like everything and my interests are very diversified. I like flowers, stars, children and pets 🙂 I love to live an active style of life. I like sports, to go to the gym and I also like the outdoors.

I would like to meet a man between 25 and 40 years old.
Every woman dreams about having her own family filled up with happiness, about having children and a husband near her, who would be caring, loving, loyal, sincere and strong to protect their family.

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Single Ukrainian Woman Zhanna from Kiev, Ukraine

Single Ukrainian Woman from Kiev, Ukraine

My Personality
To describe myself in a few words, I can say that I  am a kind-hearted, calm and well-balanced lady. I like to cook and to make my  home cozy. I also like to travel and one day, I dream to see the world with  someone special.
My Interests
I like to read, to watch interesting movies, to have  fun with my friends and to go out.
I am 24 years old and I would like to meet a man between 25 and 45
years old.
I want to find a man who will understand me, love  and support – he will be my best friends, beloved husband and I would like to  live with him ever after. The man who believes in romance and true love but  at the same time realistic, successful and goal-oriented.

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Meet a Ukrainian Bride like Yuliya from Poltava, Ukraine

Meet a Beautiful Girl like Yuliya from Poltava

My Personality:
I’m a romantic, smiling, loyal and cheerful girl, I like to joke. I’m purposeful and do my best to reach my goals, never break started. I’m tender, intriguing, sympathetic and I have a good sense of humor. I honor family values and in future I’d like to have my own happy family.
My Interests:
I like sport very much and I go to yoga, pole-dancing, fitness, lot of walking and swimming. I like horse-racing very much. I like traveling, especially by my car. Also I like to study and to develop my inner world – I study English, read classical books, listen to music. I enjoy life to its best!
I am 28 years old and I would like to meet a Man
Between 26 and 47 years old.
I need a strong man, in all meanings of this word. A good man is like a blanket – he can protect and warm his beloved woman and children. I want to feel myself in a safety in his embrace, I want my heart to be melted him nearby and I wish him to feel this way too.
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Is it True that Russian Girls Still Believe in the old Family Traditions?

Russian girls are typically more family oriented than career minded. Note: by “typically”, we mean “generally” or “a big percentage” of Russian girls – not all Russian girls. Even though, most Russian women have a high education, thus, the tools to develop a career; the majority of them prefer to find a good man to create a family with before developing a career.Beautiful Russian Girl

Most Russian girls are still firm believers that the most important thing in life is to find a reliable and faithful life partner with who they will be able to share all that life offers. The next step will be to find a decent and cozy home – even if it is an apartment. Then, having a child or two will be the next project.

By tradition, if the husband earns enough money, the wife will gladly stay at home raising children. She will await her husband with a warm and tasty meal everyday and keep a cozy house. If the husband does not earn enough, she will gladly find work and contribute to the family income – Russian women are definitely hard workers.

One of the main differences between Russian women and women from the west is that Russian women like to consider their husband as the head of the family who will be a wise and strong leader. Once they trust a man, they trust him all the way. They don’t make it a must to have their own bank account and have everything all set up to make a separation easy …which is the case in most countries of the west …and too often, leads or contributes to the separation.

Why do Sexy Russian Girls Look for a Life Partner from outside Russia?

Single Russian WomanLooking at these sexy Russian girls pictures on international dating sites and matchmaking services, it is normal to ask ourselves the following question: why are such beautiful girls looking for a life partner from outside their own country? Is it because they are looking for a better life or is it simply because they cannot find a good man to marry in their homeland?

One of the main reason why Russian girls are looking for a husband from the outside is the demographic imbalance in Russia. According to the last Russian census, there are approximately 10 million more women than men in Russia and former USSR countries. This by itself makes it very difficult for many Russian girls to find a husband within their own country, does not matter how sexy and beautiful they are.

Russian girls are generally well brought up by their parents. As in most Easter European countries, their parents teach them the important values of life and how to properly behave in society. They also learn the value of money and how to make good use of it – meaning: not wasting on unnecessary items.

A typical Russian girl is intelligent and well educated. She is also a hard worker and quick learner. As a bonus for the eyes: she is beautiful looking and quite sexy. As a bonus for the foreign men who are looking for a Russian wife: they are family oriented and will keep the focus on their husband and family.

Russian girls are using the internet and the services of local marriage agencies to find a life partner from abroad. Some will post their profiles on regular dating site while others will work with international dating and matchmaking services that enables them to reach single men from all over the world.

The shortage of available “family oriented” men in Russia creates a strong competition among Russian women. In order to increase their chances to get the attention of one of the few serious and “marriage minded” men available, they need to always look their best and be quite attractive. This, in part, explains why there are so many sexy Russian girls seeking a life partner from outside Russia.